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Meet the Crew.

The Waist Deep Story.

So how does a weekend of camping and wade fishing the barrier islands on the MS Gulf Coast turn into a brand?

You add some cold drinks... a little bit of sleep deprivation... and BOOM... you have a few good ol’ boys spitting out a bunch of random (mostly bad) ideas for truck decals.

Among said bad ideas, one of our crew managed to spit out a name that made total sense.

Waist Deep.

It was perfect! Waist Deep was not only a name we could relate to as avid fisherman; it was a name that represented our outdoor lifestyle in general. It applied to our love of chasing waterfowl in the timber, our obvious passion for wade fishing and even our non-sporting pass times which mainly involved hanging out with friends and family doing nothing but relaxing in and on the water.

We noticed that whatever we were doing while “Waist Deep”, had a common theme. Enjoying the company of good people in an awesome setting while doing the things we loved to do. It was perfect!

After a few more drinks, we concluded that we might actually be on to something. We figured that one of the coolest things about  being "Waist Deep" is that one didn't have to enjoy the same exact things that we did to sport the Waist Deep name.

We had a revelation! Being Waist Deep is a lifestyle... or a mindset if you will. Whether you're wade fishing saltwater on a shoreline, fly fishing a stream out west, grabbing catfish with your bare hands, or just hanging out with friends having a few drinks and keeping cool in the water, you're doing it Waist Deep. And as long as you’re having fun and enjoying life. That's what it's all about!

Our Crew.

Waist Deep Crew
Left to Right:
Todd Smith | Seth Robbins | Nathan Wilson | Jesse Raley | Kell Robbins

Waist Deep Fulfillment Coordinator & Customer Service Manager
Anna Raley